2023-24 School of Instruction

The Department School of Instruction was conducted in Montgomery from 18-20 August 2023. The materials from the Department SOI are available here for use in District SOIs.

For convenience, the topics are listed with links to the TSP for each topic. We will continue to add material to this section as it becomes available, including audio, video, etc. Please check back often.

Department Commander's Expectations for District Commanders

Department Commander's Guidance to Post Commanders

A Beginners Review and Refresher for Post Quartermaster

A Beginners Review and Refresher for Post Trustee

All State Dashboard

Community Service Reporting

District Inspection Program

District Membership Drives

District Programs Expectations and Responsibilities

District SOI Topics

Fundraising Ideas

Leadership Responsibility and Fiduciary Duties

Legislative Affairs and Women's Issues

Membership for Posts

Post Board of Management

Post Expectations and Non-Negotiables

Post Suspension and Disciplinary Actions

Programs Overview

Social Media and Public Relations

Surgeon's Resources

Updating Bylaws