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You will receive points for All-State only. There will not be a independent Legislative program.

E-Mail Addresses for Legislative Issues                                                      

For U.S. Senators: www.senate.gov
For U.S. Representatives: www.house.gov

 The VFW National Legislative Committee is stressing grassroots activity by all members.  We all need to be signed up for the Action Corps Weekly, formerly known as the Washington Weekly. You can do this by clicking on this link to http://www.vfw.org  From here click on the VFW in DC heading. On this page you can sign up for the Action Corps. The Action Corps Weekly will be sent to your inbox every Friday. You will also receive any Action Alerts calling for immediate action on our part by contacting our legislators on pending legislation.  All this can be done from this page.  There is a wealth of information on this page about any legislative activity affecting our members.