Make the Connection is a wonderful website where a Veteran or family member can listen or read stories of hope similar to situations they my find themselves going through. You can tailor your search to specific life events or experiences (for example, death of a family member or friend, relationship strain, etc.), signs and symptoms (for example, chronic pain, feeling on edge, guilt, stress and anxiety, etc.) or conditions (for example, Depression, PTSD or suicide):  

    Make the Connection | Videos & Info for Military Veterans


    Starting a conversation with a Veteran you are concerned about:

    How To Help a Veteran | Make the Connection


    Self-Help Strategies to manage symptoms and promote Wellness:

    Self-Help | Real Stories From Military Veterans | Make the Connection


    What happens when I call, text or chat with the Veterans Crisis Line?

    How It Works (


  1. VFW National is also honored to be part of the #Listen initiative and are proud to stand alongside the coalition of nonprofits in the mental health, suicide prevention and survivor support sectors who have joined together to raise awareness on the importance of listening and being heard.

Department Surgeon, Colt Drouillard